Jackie Chan's Fists of Fire Wiki

Project A jackie.png

aka Chariman Chan, Chairman Bubble Buttz, That Dick.

Move List[]

  • Overhead Kick: 6HK
  • Dragon Attack: 41236P
  • Bubble Butt: 623K
  • Fire Shot: j.41236P
  • Super: 41236LHP


  • F + HK HP HK HK LK + HK

Character Analysis[]

Probably the second best character. Bubble Butt infinite can just kill in one touch, (as Drunkie Chan) while being so dumbass easy to execute. This guy can combo off of both overhead and throw, his moveset includes standing low, so it means that Korean Jackie is good at aggressive mixups. He has an actually great super, which does good chip and can't be punished on block. His 2HK is pretty slow, but still badass sweep that cancels into Bubble Butt; this and kick on your wakeup are huge threats for the reckless opponent. His air fireball is an air move in a game where you should never ever jump, so don't even think about it, though it's good for OTG.

Special Notes[]

Many tournaments soft-ban Project A Jackie.